Why Do You Need Fuel Polishing?

Both gasoline and diesel boats can have unsafe levels of impurities in their fuel tanks. Water is the most common and damaging impurity, providing an atmosphere where culture and bacteria can thrive. Diesel fuel is more susceptible to contamination because it can host a wider range of impurities such as fungi, yeast, mold, and algae.

Fuel Impurities Come From:

  • Ethanol additives in fuel which draw water into the fuel tank.
  • Outside air slowly working moisture and microbes into the fuel system.
  • Changes in fuel tank temperature causing condensation.

Prevent Fuel Impurities with Fuel Polishing:

Over the last three decades, we have seen a number of boats which have broken down or sustained damage due to bad fuel. We use a proven fuel polishing system in order to prevent this from happening to our customers. Our fuel polishing system will remove impurities and moisture from your fuel tank and ensure that your engine is working with clean, quality fuel.

Palmer Point Marina can help you prevent avoidable and costly problems by polishing your fuel. Please contact us today to learn more about our fuel polishing services.